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About Ann


Photography and Cards: A Love Story

I've been taking pictures for years, ever since high school and then, after some traveling, in college for my degree. And while I loved all the coursework of photojournalism, it was the slightly off-beat, kinda artsy pictures that I found myself the most drawn to. Eventually I came to realize that these seemingly random images often worked beautifully together as card sets. Cards were the perfect delivery system to carry these images into the world; something of note (no pun intended) yet without taking it all too, too seriously.  Accessible art, if you will.

I had been participating in art shows with framed versions of my work when I got the bright idea to offer the same images on cards. I wanted them to feel like little works of art and so I took the time to make them by hand. Each one with its own photograph and a hand-written title and initialed by yours truly. They quickly became quite popular at my art shows and those experiences paved the way toward what has become my greeting card business.

It's the diversity of the imagery that keeps me happy and engaged with what I do, as well as the positive feedback I hear from people. Sometimes just having a certain image sitting on your desk or under a magnet on your fridge can brighten a day or bring back a lovely memory; especially if the card has come from a dear friend or loved one. Friendly ambassadors, sent out into the world, looking to make someone's day.

Thanks so much for your interest and have a wonderful day,

Ann Woodall lives and works in Austin, TX.  She received a BA in Journalism/Photojournalism from University of Texas at Austin in 2001.  She has been taking pictures, knitting hats, painting pictures, cutting up and putting back together fabric, paper and what have you for the better part of the last 20 years.