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"#34" ~ Image of cowboy competing at the Super Bull event in Del Rio, TX
$ 2.50 $ 5.00
"At Rest" ~ Two sunbathers relax in a canoe on the green waters of Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX.
At Rest
$ 2.50 $ 5.00
"Bull Riders" ~ Bullriders waiting to ride at a bull riding event.
Bull Riders
$ 5.00
"Corona Club" ~ A couple on the dance floor of the Corona Club in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.
Corona Club
$ 5.00
"Docile Opossum" ~ Woman holds a very calm opossum for a portrait. Photo by Ann Woodall
Happy Birthday!
"The Happy Tortilla" ~ A tortilla that looks like a happy face. Photo by Ann Woodall
"James McMurtry & Friends" ~ Musician James McMurtry stands next to his image in a mural by Aaron Sacco in Austin, TX. Photo by Ann Woodall
"James McMurtry at Las Manitas" ~ Musician James McMurtry at the countrer of late local eatery Las Manitas in Austin, TX. Photo by Ann Woodall
"Just Married" ~ Close-up of legs and shoes of couple getting married. Photo by Ann Woodall
Just Married
$ 5.00
Kite Happiness
"Linda Lou & the Belvedere" ~ Pinup style image of Linda Lou draped across a Belvedere car. Photo by Ann Woodall
"Linda Lou with Torch" ~ Linda Lou in her welding studio holding a torch. Photo by Ann Woodall
"Marley" ~ Adorable laughing baby. Photo by Ann Woodall
$ 5.00
"Mimi and Kitty" ~ Mimi on her patio with her small orange tabby kitten. Photo by Ann Woodall
"Ped Xing" ~ A ped xing sign lies flat on the ground and my uncle John jokingly lies next to it. Photo by Ann Woodall
Ped Xing
$ 5.00
"Playground" ~ A bull chases rodeo clown in Del Rio, TX. Photo by Ann Woodall
$ 5.00
Spike and Bikes
"Stars & Stripes" ~ Linda Lou in front of her welding studio. Photo by Ann Woodall
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Taking the Long View
The Hoff at Donn's
"Yoga Bunnies" ~ Spike Gillespie meditates with giant rabbit in Austin, TX. Photo by Ann Woodall
Yoga Bunnies
$ 5.00
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