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Austin, TX

Greetings From Austin, TX! We're keepin' it weird. What are y'all up to?

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"Allens Boots" ~ Sign for Allens Boots with a big red boot on South Congress Ave in Austin, TX.
"Austin Bats #1" ~ Mexican free-tailed bats stream out over Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX at twilight.
"Austin Motel" ~ Orange Austin Motel neon sign on South Congress in Austin, TX.
"Austin Rec Center" ~ Exterior of the old Austin Rec Center with cypress trees in front. Austin, TX
"Autumn Red" ~ Close up of a red oak leaf in Austin, TX.
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"Bastrop Pines" ~ Pine trees at twilight after a fire in Bastrop, TX.
"Bear and Pups" ~ Close up of two puppies held by an man named Bear. Austin, TX
"Bluebonnets #3" ~ Close-up of a bunch of bluebonnets in Austin, TX.
"Broken Spoke" ~ Front of the Broken Spoke honky tonk dance hall in Austin, TX.
"Butter Half" ~ Mural of a piece of bread and a pad of butter and they say You're My Butter Half.
"Canned Beets" ~ A wall collage of band stickers and ads outside the Continental Club in Austin, TX.
"Capitol of Texas" ~ Capitol building of Texas in Austin.
Chuy's Tex Mex

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"Continental Club" ~ Neon sign for the Continental Club in Austin, TX
"A Day On the Lake" ~ A swan and other birds float peacefully on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX. Photo by Ann Woodall
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El Alma
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"Elisabet Ney Museum" ~ The Elisabet Ney Museum in Austin, TX. Photo by Ann Woodall
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