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A few of our fine feathered friends.

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"Bird On a Wire" ~ Birds sitting on high wires with a cloudy sky behind them.
"Budwina & the Bluejay" ~ A cat sits looking out a window at a young and unsuspecting bluejay.
$ 5.00
"Cedar Waxwing" ~ Sleek grey bird with black mask and yellow tip on its tail
"Chickens" ~ Still life oil painting of two chickens, a blue bottle and some fruit, by Ann Woodall
$ 5.00
"Cigar Owl" ~ Vintage cigar sign painted on a brick wall.
"A Day On the Lake" ~ A swan and other birds float peacefully on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX. Photo by Ann Woodall
"Free Range" ~ Black and white chicken perched against a green background. Photo by Ann Woodall
"The Frizzle" ~ Little black bantam rooster. Photo by Ann Woodall
"L'il Bit" ~ Funny little black and white chicken. Photo by Ann Woodall
L'il Bit
$ 5.00
$ 5.00
"Owl" ~ A little screech owl looks out from a hole in an oak tree. Photo by Ann Woodall
$ 5.00
"Prickly Perch" ~ A mockingbird sits atop an agave plant. Photo by Ann Woodall
Red Bird
$ 5.00
"Scarlett" ~ Scarlett is a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot. Photo by Ann Woodall
$ 5.00