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Life Up Close

Taking a closer look at all the little things that bring us joy.

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"Agave #14" ~ Close up image of vivid green agave with diamond patterns.
"Agave #14" ~ Close up image of vivid green agave with diamond patterns.
"Allens Boots" ~ Sign for Allens Boots with a big red boot on South Congress Ave in Austin, TX.
"Anole" ~ Green anole lizard on tree with puffed out orange throat in Zilker Park in Austin, TX.
$ 5.00
"Austin Bats #1" ~ Mexican free-tailed bats stream out over Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX at twilight.
"Austin Motel" ~ Orange Austin Motel neon sign on South Congress in Austin, TX.
"Austin Rec Center" ~ Exterior of the old Austin Rec Center with cypress trees in front. Austin, TX
"Autumn Red" ~ Close up of a red oak leaf in Austin, TX.
$ 5.00
"Bark" ~ Close-up of intricate orange and grey patterns of tree bark.
$ 5.00
"Bat House" ~ A bat flying away from a bat house. Llano, TX
"Bay" ~ Close-up of a bay horse with saddle. Del Rio, TX
$ 5.00
"Beams" ~ Interior of a living room with dark wood beams in the ceiling. El Paso, TX
$ 5.00
"Bear and Pups" ~ Close up of two puppies held by an man named Bear. Austin, TX
"Bell Chime" ~ Close up of a brass bell hanging in a front door window.
"Bird On a Wire" ~ Birds sitting on high wires with a cloudy sky behind them.
"Blue Sky" ~ Looking up at the side of an adobe house at bright blue sky with white clouds.
Blue Sky
$ 5.00
$ 5.00
"Boots" ~ Still life of little cowboy boots, a light globe, wooden horse and a kachina doll.
$ 5.00
"Budreau & Lily" ~ A real white cat hangs out on the porch with a ceramic cat.
"Budwina & the Bluejay" ~ A cat sits looking out a window at a young and unsuspecting bluejay.
"Bur-ette" ~ Up close image of Timber, a black border collie dog, after playing in the river.
"Butter Half" ~ Mural of a piece of bread and a pad of butter and they say You're My Butter Half.
"Butterfly" ~ Orange and black butterfly on a pink cosmos flower.
Butterfly Bush

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$ 5.00
"Cacti" ~ A jumble of green cactus on the grounds of the Alamo Mission. San Antonio, TX
$ 5.00
"Canned Beets" ~ A wall collage of band stickers and ads outside the Continental Club in Austin, TX.
"Catnap" ~ Two cats sleeping in a basket
$ 5.00
"Cedar Waxwing" ~ Sleek grey bird with black mask and yellow tip on its tail
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